What is the main nutrition of butter?

What is the main nutrition of butter?

Nutrition Information One tablespoon of unsalted butter contains: 102 calories. 12 grams of fat. 0 grams of carbohydrates, fiber, sugar, and protein.

What are the health benefits of butter?

13 Butter Benefits

  • A Source of Fat Soluble Vitamins.
  • Helps Prevent Tooth Decay.
  • Helps Boost the Immune System.
  • Helps Maintain Gastrointestinal Health.
  • Helps Manage Weight.
  • Aids in Optimal Growth and Development.

7 Mar 2013

Is butter nutritious or not?

Scientists around the world simultaneously showed that saturated fatthe kind in butter and lardincreases both bad LDL cholesterol and good HDL cholesterol, making it similar to carbohydrates overall but not as beneficial to health as polyunsaturated fats from nuts and vegetables.

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